Magazine Music Review, The Lord is My Shepherd "Get Over It" Live

For this CD, Dee has taken her gospel roots and produced a contemporary style of music, an infusion of R&B, jazz and soul influences. She has a unique perspective on what all the different facets of her congregation would enjoy listening to, from the traditional and conservative to the young and contemporary. Durden is able to spread the word through her unique style and breathe new life into gospel music. Durden sticks with tradition on “The Lord is My Shepherd”. She takes a well-known and conventional hymn and takes a new approach by using a contemporary arrangement. Because of the song’s beauty and message, it is one of Durden’s most beloved tracks; not to mention it is the song that originally inspired her album. She possesses an emotional and persuasive vocal, while being supported by an electric keyboard and smooth sax that is reminiscent of 90’s light R&B. The song is upbeat and light, with Durden’s expressive quality keeping it together. On “Get Over It” Durden shows more of a soulful style, creating a modern baseline to support her compassion and driving lyrics. She expresses the need to literally “get over it” and move on with life after facing difficult obstacles. Durden’s voice is like a support mechanism, allowing the listener to realize that throughout life’s challenges, there are great things on the other side - one must just believe. She sings with heavy regard for what her listeners need and want to hear creating a vehicle for the underlying message of life, love and happiness. Dee Cooper-Durden has definite potential as a prominent gospel singer, with some additional exposure and experience under her wings.