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Every person in this world has purpose, but does every person reach or find that purpose? Some things we can change, some we can't. Then we have something very small, yet so great, still taken advantage of, misused, ignored and abused and that's the thing called choice. Choice is the determining factor of destiny. God knows your destiny. What detours you take is up to you. Many, many factors affect choices. Unfortunately, some individuals do not make it to their divine purpose or destination. It doesn't have to be you.



What is my divine destiny? Yes, we should ask and we should know. The most important mission, goal, or appointment in the world is: divine destiny - the one God chose for us.  How many people have died and never found their true paths? their divine assignments? Millions affect ONE. One affects millions. May God help us now. These books, Detours to Destiny, were written by the pen of a ready writer to us all, for us all - at least all who'd care to know and who'd dare to grow! Are you living in error? Practicing dead traditions? A victim of deadly soul ties? Are you misguided? Is your zeal for the unreal? What road are you on? What pit are you in? Caved in carnality or in the Den of despair and defeat? Is this just a test? Find your way - This is the time and the day!


From the Pits, Pens, Caves, & Dens to the Palace and Prophetic Poetry
including E-book Series
Insight!   Revelation!   Inspiration!   Exhortation!   Jubilation!

Experience the powerful examples of called men of God; Travel down the roads of Moses, Jacob, David, Joseph, Paul, Peter, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshech, Abendigo, Job and Jesus and be inspired by how they conquer their call by shaking up towns and nations. We are told to do the same. You are sure to find your pathway to Divine Destiny... Don't you want to get to the Palace out of the Pits, Pens, Caves & Dens of life... Take the Humility Evaluation and see how you rate... Know the Greatest Lessons Ever Learned... Meditate on Famous Destiny quotes and famous Wilderness Quotes...Use the free Destiny Workbook spiritually designed to guide you thru in 40 days: "40 Days to Destiny"; Hear the Prophetic Words from today's prophets... Enjoy the power of PROPHETIC Poetry... Hear Twelve Prophets of Today Speak...Find out where you stand?

In addition, we know about the Old and the New Testament, the Lost Books, and the Apocrypha, but have you heard of The Third Testament? Have you read the Testament of Love... and many other significations and revelations ordained and contained by God, the Father to His children in this last day and time. Enjoy the anointed writings of several great authors of yesterday and today who were humble enough to contribute an article full of insight and wisdom related to the subject and summation of "Detours to Destiny"; Hear the Prophets..Hear the Father...and much, much more from the Spirit to a people in a nation in trouble.  So the shaking has began.  Are you ready for this?  It's here, whether you're ready or not.  Get ready.  Your destiny, your choice.  Investigate the choices just as I have and have presented them to you.  

I have so much that God has given me to share with everyone and the time is far spent. There is war in the heavenlies and Humanity must be prepared, we must know who we are to be at our posts standing ready at attention. God wants us to be powerful, vigilant, knowledgeable - yet calm and confident during the storms of life. We're headed for something great, mighty, strong and different.

Books are available at a much lower price than the publishers and some will be free. There are no shipping costs. The E-books are downloaded as soon as you order. If there are any questions, email

God wants you to do more than survive -- He wants you to thrive.  He has a purpose for you.  You have a mission-Pastor Jakes


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Special CD Project: "Get Over It"

"Durden's album contains inspirational music with a positive and informative message. It's a refreshing, unique sound with an infusion of R&B and jazz with traditional and soul influences."

The Singles on the CD, Get Over It, are sold at $0.99.  The full album is priced at $8.99.  You may purchase at AMAZON, Tate Music Group, and this site at DD's- Books/CD sales.
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