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It is He who sitteth upon the circle of the Earth!
It is He who sitteth upon the circle of the Earth!

Humanity: You have become so accustomed to your way of life in your world; that the existing evil, manifested in diverse forms, seems to be so familiar that you no longer stop to reflect on the causes of its origin.

The cause of so much pain and bitterness in the world, is due to your having made bad use of your free will, and you have broken the harmony that should exist between man and the laws dictated by the Author of life. Everything has been profaned by man, therefore, it must be restored to its proper course.

Oh, humanity saddened, shadowed by pain and bitterness! How much evil I contemplate in your world! Children are already acquainted with bitterness and their heart quickly hardens. Flowers wilt while still in full bloom, gray hairs begin to shine prematurely. Discord has invaded the most intimate part in the life of men; very bitter has been the fruits produced by the lack of harmony amongst humanity. The world is agitated in the midst of a storm and has forgotten its spirit in the profoundness of its being. There is hunger in the heart of men, there exist spiritual decline and the need to live. I see you contemplate the course of this world with indifference.

Religions disregard one another and pull apart among themselves and vices gather strength within men. Attempt is made against life, which is sacred. My spirit contemplates humanity’s orphanhood, the emptiness that each carries in his heart, I see how they search for ways to satisfy it with pleasures and yet cannot find the means to calm their thirst, even within the spirit; I see it agitate in chaos, harboring war in the heart and even in the spirit; taking the homicidal weapon and giving loose rein to the tongue as a veritable two edge sword. Some attack, others defend themselves. Some sow death, while others cling on to life. Sin has multiplied and the environment is contaminated, confusing the mind and the heart.

Millions of people who are ill, inhabit the earth; children wandering throughout the world abandoned to their own fate, with no set path to follow; multitudes of elderly people without comfort; helpless widows and women who ignore the pleasures of that warmth in a true home.

Humanity, have you not become weary of struggling uselessly, unable to find the purpose of your existence? You present to Me a life without ideals because you have not found the joy in love, in charity and in benevolence.

Humanity raises the following questions to God: The pain that afflicts this world, will it be prolonged forever? When shall we be able to live within morality and virtue? When shall we see that mutual respect between parents and children and between spouses? When shall we see again the innocence in children, purity in maiden, righteousness in males, dignity in the elderly, justice in the judges, magnanimity in the rulers, in one word, love amongst men? I say to you, humanity, pain will disappear when there is respect, and charity between one another, when you recognize that you shall not dispose the life of another fellow-being or of your own. When you learn to see beyond yourselves; when you learn how to love and forgive; when hatred and selfishness disappear from your lives, and when you penetrate within yourselves and meditate on the origin of evil.

Up until now, even though the world is small, you have not learned to live as one family. In how many confusions you have fallen humanity! In spite of this, here before you is the one who has never become tired of waiting for you and who comes near your heart to fill its immense emptiness with My love. Trust, and have hope; your days or expiation have been great; but soon you will contemplate a more limpid path and you shall have that peace you have longed for.

Beloved humanity, whom I have come to visit in exile and to comfort within its prison, feel My presence and you will lack nothing! I can only tell you that what is mine I will not let it become lost. I love you even before you existed, and I shall love you eternally.

I leave you this lesson, so that through it, you can look into the past, seeking your beginning, examine the present and look towards the future. Behold that the earth now seems so small to contain so much human pain. This world which should be the home of just one family, is the apple of discord and cause of absurd ambitions, treason and wars, allowing its heart to become poisoned with rebelliousness, bitterness, materialism and unconformity. Meditate in all this, and do not give judgement so I do not have to repeat to you: "He who is free of sin, cast the first stone".

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There is a battle between the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error. Truth will prevail! Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach. Humanity, it's time to get right.



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