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Signs in the sun, moon, stars.... God




"Come be a part of the flock of God - the eagles of God - the visionaries, the dreamers, those that fly high with the Lord."

I am causing a stirring within you even as an eagle stirs its nest I am stirring you, saith the Lord. I am going to cause you to rise up even as the eagle does upon wings and soar into the heights with Me. You are going to leave everything behind and you're going to come away with Me, my beloved and you're going to commune with Me, and you're going to walk with Me and talk with Me.

Come up on high with the wings of the eagle and follow into the realm of the Holy Spirit. Listen to God, pray to God, obey what God tells you in your heart to do.

Become excited about the things of God. Become excited about God again. Become excited about the things of the Spirit in your heart. Love God; teach your young ones to love God. Go beyond where this generation has gone; go beyond, saith the Lord. Go on into the realm of following the Holy Spirit in your life and doing the things that He asks you to do and become excited about the things that He brings you into.

For they will prosper; they will work. The things that I show you, the things that I lead you into, they will be blessed of God. When others are failing, you will be succeeding. When others' plans go astray you will be on track because you will trade your plans in for mine where others won't.

So don't be afraid to walk out, step out with God and follow the pathway that He leads you on. Become once again excited about the gifts and the things of the spirit. Do not allow the jadedness and the depression of others to so fill your spirit that you become one with them. But come up into the Heavenlies and become one with Me, and once again walk in the ways of the Lord.

Pray, pray much; pray heavily in the Holy Ghost. Do not be afraid to prophesy. Do not be afraid to move in the Spirit. Do not be afraid to try those things that you feel are from the Lord.

And you will knock on doors and I will open the ones that are of Me. Don't be afraid to knock. Don't be afraid to seek. Don't be afraid to dream, children. Don't let others steal your dreams because theirs have been crushed. Let your dreams be of exalting Me. Let your dreams be of my kingdom. Dream the dreams of Joseph, children. Dream the dreams of God, and I will water them and I will prosper them and I will take you where I promised you.

Rise up above it all, saith the Lord. Reject all the pessimism, doubt, and fear and depression in your spirit. It is not of you and it is not of Me. Go into that realm with God where there are bluebirds singing, where there is happiness, where there is joy. That is to be your portion of the kingdom; that is where you belong.

"In your presence, Lord that's where we belong and in your presence there is fullness of joy."

So, come into my presence and reject the rest, saith God, all of it. Reject all of it. Don't allow a shred of depression, fear, doubt, guilt or jadedness come along with you, but rise up in the Lord. Rise up in the things of the Lord and be happy, saith God. Be happy in Me.

Believe in your deliverer. Believe in the One of Israel. Let him establish you. Don't worry about position; don't worry about the how. For the Lord, I the Lord your God, will take care of the where, the when and the how. Just worry about connecting, reconnecting with Me strongly and staying in my presence daily, daily, daily.

The stirring of the Lord is upon you. The stirring of the Lord is upon you. Not the stirring of the church; not the manipulation of man trying to use you, but the stirring of the Lord. The eagle's nest is stirred by the hand of God.

May you rise up as young eagles of God full of strength and power and soaring where no one can come along to depress you, no one can come along as a hidden agent to drag you back down to earth, no one can come along pretending to be a friend while all along their mission and their job is to grab you by those legs and talons and pull you back down to their level, to earth.

Come to the camp of eagles where only eagles are allowed where you may fly and soar together, where you won't bump into one another and won't crush one another, but you will compliment one another, where you are like birds of a prey, birds of a feather. Come be a part of the flock of God - the eagles of God - the visionaries, the dreamers, those that fly high with the Lord.

Yes, God did make all of the creatures of the earth. He did make the rhinoceros. He did make the giraffe. He did make the land animals. But let the plodders plod, let the swimmers swim, let the lumbering beast lumber through their jungles, but come let the eagle soar above it all with intense visions and dreams of God.

Take your place in the Body of Christ high above it all. On eagle's wings shall I bare thee, on eagle's wings.

Let's keep them in our prayers.

There is a battle between the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error. Truth will prevail! Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach. Humanity, it's time to get right.



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